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A free note-taking application for PC

Simple Sticky Notes is a sticky notes app that lets you jot down important information on your screen. Designed for Windows, the software offers a range of utilities and lets you get rid of offline post-it notes. The app boasts many features that make note-taking effortless and fun. The Simple Sticky Notes download also lets users customize each note and share them with other users. 

Simple Sticky Notes has a user-friendly interface and lets you print, copy, and share notes anytime you want. The utility tool also provides various themes, reminder tones, and other personalization functions. You can change the size, color, transparency, font of any note as per your preference. The best part is that it’s completely free to download and use!

What is the Simple Sticky Notes app?

When you take notes on paper, you stand the chance of losing important information. There are multiple reasons behind it. For starters, organizing papers gets complicated very fast. Second, when you’re jotting down sentences quickly, you might face difficulty deciphering them later. This gets a lot more complicated when you share these notes with someone else. A simple solution - post-it notes for PC

Digital note-taking isn’t a new thing. Simple Sticky Notes download is just one simple Windows application that makes it incredibly easy for users to take notes and refer to them later. Since its release in 2000, the app has received accolades for its range of features, minimal interface, and ease of use

How do I use Simple Sticky Notes?

As mentioned above, Simple Sticky Notes for PC is a user-friendly application that makes note-taking quite easy. Once you download and launch the software, you’ll come across a system tray with a ‘New Note’ option. Clicking on the latter creates a sticky note that you can use for recording important information. You can even move the sticky note around the screen by dragging it from one corner to another. 

Deleting a note is as simple as creating a note. The application’s system tray consists of a menu that lets users delete multiple stickies at once. In case you want to delete the post-it you’re working on, you can click on the settings option available on the note and click ‘Delete’. Another option that the Simple Sticky Notes app provides is a ‘Hide’ option, which lets users hide post-it notes considered unuseful.

What are the features of Simple Sticky Notes?

One of the best parts about downloading Simple Sticky Notes for PC is that it offers a range of customization options to users. The app provides desktop and laptop users with multiple fonts and colors. Choosing a font that you like, along with a preferred color, lets you make a distinction among the different notes. It also makes finding a note a lot easier. Users can also give a title to the note, change its transparency level, set reminders, and increase and decrease the size as per their preference.

Adding to the customization are Simple Sticky Notes themes that go beyond simple note-taking. You can choose from multiple options and select the one that suits you best.  To give you an example, you can easily use one color for work, another to record personal data, and another to create to-do lists. 

Furthermore, Simple Sticky Notes for Windows 10 and below systems makes organizing notes a pain-free process. Unlike other similar applications, the software doesn’t stack one post-it on top of the other. Instead, it lists all of them as per the date on which they got created. You can go through all your notes and delete or hide the ones you no longer require. The app also lets you print notes, share them with other people via your email, Facebook account, or WhatsApp Windows app

What are some Simple Sticky Notes themes?

One of the reasons why this desktop sticky notes app is popular is that it offers users a range of themes that make note-taking a lot more fun! The app has many themes like bubbles, stone, concrete, desert, Christmas, and more. In addition to this, the Windows program also lets users change the tone of the reminders and use elements like bold, italics, and underline

Does the app have any specific system requirements?

Simple Sticky Notes is a lightweight application that you can easily download on any Windows computer. The app works well on all Windows versions, including Vista, XP, Windows 8, and more. Unfortunately, the easy-to-use application is only available for Windows desktops and has yet to appear for Android, iOS, and Mac users. 

What does the latest version offer?

The latest version of Simple Sticky Notes download provides a few additional features and fixes some known bugs. The app now lets users print one or more notes in one go and view hidden notes in the system tray. Additionally, this version of Sticky Notes is a lot more stable than previous versions and offers improved performance and usability. 

Is the Simple Sticky Notes app free?

Simple Sticky Notes is a free-to-download application that doesn’t have any premium features or a paywall. In addition to this, the program doesn’t show any advertisements or waste your time by redirecting you to different applications. 

Simple Sticky Notes are easy to drag around and come in a variety of themes and colors. When taking a note, you can create a title, change the color, increase or decrease transparency, and select a font. You can also bold or italicize texts, underline segments, and create sections. The app also has additional features that let you set a reminder, share via email, print multiple notes, and hide or delete notes you no longer use. 



  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Option to print and share notes
  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Lets users set reminders


  • Minor bug fixes required

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Simple Sticky Notes

  • Bon

    by Bon

    I actually like that it isn't open in the taskbar because I was using them to decorate my desktop and leave little reminders. My only issue is that wh More

  • Alan Smith

    by Alan Smith

    Mistakenly downloaded this program vs Sticky Notes. Realized it was the wrong note program but thought I'd give it a try. Big mistake. It's clumsy, no More

  • Alan Wang

    by Alan Wang

    Great product, much better than Window 10's solution.
    Just wish it had an obvious way to rename the notes and it had ctl-y (repeat last command)  More

  • Alan Wang

    by Alan Wang

    Great product, much better than Window 10's solution.
    Just wish it had an obvious way to rename the notes and it had ctl-y (repeat last command)  More

  • Craig Goslan

    by Craig Goslan

    I think they would be good if you could close the window with the app staying open in the task bar, like Windows Sticky Note does. Muc More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    uninstalled .
    download and installed it already , but can't open the file.. uninstalled it already.. Pros: nothing
    Cons: need to be functi More


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